Budge is an International Recruitment & Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Consultancy that specialises in recruitment for the Banking & Finance and Property & Construction industry (and supporting services) in desirable locations worldwide. Established in 2004, Budge currently has successful offices in both the UK and Dubai with plans to open offices in the Far East, Australia and South America by the end of 2010.

Our aim is simple - to be the best in the business and to improve the industry through not only delivering a service that is both professionally and ethically superior, but also becoming a leader in terms of social responsibility, something that touches every aspect of our organisation, from our own team to our clients and candidates and extends to our local, regional and international environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Many companies implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy with the aim of achieving some sort of commercial benefit. Budge has implemented a CSR Policy for a genuine desire to become a leading socially responsible organisation. It might cost us more money and involve more time but we believe it is the correct way in which to conduct our business every day.

Our CSR Policy touches every aspect of our own organisation from every Team Member to our Clients and Candidates. And, it’s not just our micro-environment that we focus on, we reach out, beyond our office and address issues from our local community to the global environment.

Our Team Members
The most important part of our organisation is our Team Members. Besides from our industry leading commission structure and benefits, every Team Member from General Managers to Trainees are welcomed, trained, nurtured and feel part of a genuine team throughout their time with Budge. Our policy for internal recruitment is one of ‘need’, not simply recruiting to split desks and reduce commission pay-outs. We want all of our consultants to have a rich picking of clients and jobs, ultimately ensuring they work with the best clients, have plenty of jobs to work on and most importantly earn lots of commission.

And it’s the smaller things that we believe make all the difference. Every birthday is celebrated, every anniversary is remembered and Team Members are appreciated and recognised for their hard work.

We organise numerous team outings throughout the year which might include boat trips, go-karting and even ski-ing. And our Top Performing billers are rewarded quarterly and annually with industry leading incentives (2008 trip to New York for 5 nights at the W Hotel Times Square).

Every year, our Team Members are entitled to a Hearts, Minds and Souls allowance which enables them to participate in an activity that they would never normally associate/become involved with – this might be a gym membership, a dance course or maybe they would like to give the money to a charity. In addition, every Team Member is entitled to 3 Duvet Days annually.

Every year, Senior Management conduct informal appraisals with each and every Team Member. This is a two-way dialogue and it is encouraged that the appraised speak freely and openly about there employment and experience with Budge. And it is with this valuable feedback that Senior Managers and Directors are able to move forward with improvements to ensure that our team are 100% happy.

We believe that giving all these processes and benefits and genuinely caring for our Team Members is a modern and responsible way to operate and it enables our team to perform 100% unhindered and enjoy every moment with Budge.

Our Offices
Our offices are modern and aesthetically pleasing places to work. Significant investment has been made to ensure they are comfortable and energising spaces for our Team to perform. Office chairs incorporate the latest ergonomic technology and all IT and telecom equipment is state of the art allowing our Team to perform efficiently with minimum down time. Break-out areas have been incorporated to enable Team Members to take a break, read a magazine or have a chat. From an energy reduction perspective we encourage all computers, lights and appliances to be switched off when not in use and we encourage recycling of all paper, plastic and tin cans. It is our intention to become carbon neutral by 2010 and we are working hard to achieve this goal.

Our Clients
As with any consultancy, clients are a crucial part of our business though through a carefully controlled expansion of Team Members we are able to only work with the most reputable clients in the market. This approach has enabled us to maintain and grow an impressive reputation across the globe. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with all of our clients.

Our Candidates
As with clients, candidates are also a crucial part of our business. We treat all candidates equally regardless of race, age, gender and physical ability. We gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements and find them the best opportunities with the best clients. Again, as part of our carefully controlled expansion, our Team Members are incredibly conscientious and will only send the most qualified candidates forward for a position. At every stage, our candidates are continually kept in the loop regardless of outcome.

Our Community
At budge we believe that the success of a company can help the local, regional and international community. For every candidate that is successfully placed through Budge, we donate a percentage of the profits to an International Charity – Practical Action and have helped them with their humanitarian efforts worldwide. We have also been involved in numerous events locally aimed at supporting the labourers who are building Dubai, this includes Helping Hands when we raised over Dhs25,000 by participating in the 2008 Dubai Marathon as well as being involved in a Shoe Box Appeal.

Our Environment
Like our community, our environment is something we are very conscious of. From reducing our carbon footprint we also aim to invest more money and time into supporting the local, regional and international environment.