If there’s one thing I have learnt so far whilst travelling on my short yet winding road, it’s that there is a lot of living to do and people to meet with so little time. Having been fortunate enough to have lived and travelled in a number of countries it occurred to me that there are probably many like-minded people around the world who would love to live and work abroad but are not aware of some of the opportunities available.

Whilst living in the UK I spent a lot of time commuting, working long hours, paying taxes, and most of the time the weather was miserable. Or that's what I thought back then.  I now live back in the UK and see it through different eyes!  Anyway, that’s why we set up our UK-based HR and Recruitment Consultancy called “budge” which simple means 'To change a position or attitude'. We don’t like to think of ourselves as just a “recruitment consultancy” but more of a “lifestyle consultancy” – helping people to find more enjoyable and rewarding lives around the world.

Imagine living somewhere where the sun shines all-year round, there is no income taxes; your apartment has a gym and swimming pool and it only takes 15 minutes to get to the office…

We want to give some inspiration to those of you who have a real zest for life but don’t really know where to start looking. We’ve identified five or six cities worldwide which we believe are exciting places to work in when it comes to opportunities available, career potential and of course, where the quality of life is superb and there is always something happening.

So please take a look at the jobs we’ve got available at the moment. There will be many more in the coming weeks and months; or register your CV and for a Job Alert so we can let you know when suitable jobs become available. Don’t forget to check out the Destination Guides and our useful section on CV/Interview Tips. Enjoy the site. It is, we hope you will agree, a revelation.

Georgina Thomas MSc. D.I.C.