As with any company, the most important part of our organisation is our Team Members and we are probably one of a handful of companies who sincerely believe this. Besides from our industry leading commission structure and benefits, every Team Member from General Managers to Trainees are welcomed, trained, nurtured and feel part of a genuine team throughout their time with Budge. Our policy for internal recruitment is one of ‘need’, not simply recruiting to split desks and reduce commission pay-outs. We want all of our consultants to have a 'rich picking' of clients and jobs, ultimately ensuring they work with the best clients, have plenty of jobs to work on and most importantly earn lots of money.

And it’s the smaller things that we believe make all the difference. Every birthday is celebrated, every anniversary is remembered and Team Members are appreciated and recognised for their hard work.

We organise numerous team outings throughout the year which might include boat trips, go-karting and even ski-ing. And our Top Performing billers are rewarded quarterly and annually with industry leading incentives (2008 trip to New York for 5 nights at the Jumeirah Essex House hotel on Central Park).

Every year, our Team Members are entitled to a Hearts, Minds and Souls allowance which enables them to participate in an activity that they would never normally associate/become involved with – this might be a gym membership, a dance course or maybe they would like to give the money to a charity. In addition, every Team Member is entitled to 3 Duvet Days annually, these might be taken after a evening of too much drink or simply you don’t feel like coming to work.

Every year, Senior Management conduct informal appraisals with each and every Team Member. This is a two-way dialogue and it is encouraged that the appraised speak freely and openly about there employment and experience with Budge. And it is with this valuable feedback that Senior Managers and Directors are able to move forward with improvements to ensure that our team are 100% happy.

We believe that giving all these processes and benefits and genuinely caring for our Team Members is a modern and responsible way to operate and it enables our team to perform 100% unhindered and enjoy every moment with Budge.

Our Office
Our offices are modern and aesthetically pleasing places to work. Significant investment has been made to ensure that it is a comfortable and energising space for our Team to perform. Office chairs incorporate the latest ergonomic technology and all IT and telecom equipment is state of the art allowing our Team to perform efficiently with minimum down time. Break-out areas have been incorporated to enable Team Members to take a break, read a magazine or have a chat. From an energy reduction perspective we encourage all computers, lights and appliances to be switched off when not in use and we encourage recycling of all paper, plastic and tin cans. It is our intention to become carbon neutral by 2010 and we are working hard to achieve this goal.

Our Clients
As with any consultancy, clients are a crucial part of our business though through a carefully controlled expansion of Team Members we are able to only work with the most reputable clients in the market. Our Team Members are not expected to deal with the ‘dregs’ of the industry and this has enabled us to maintain and grow an impressive reputation across the globe. We are not suppliers but partners and are not afraid to walk away from clients because we cannot be held responsible for destabilising someone’s life and career by placing them in an ill-reputable company for the sake of a quick buck. We are and we want to continue building long-term relationships with all of our clients.

Our Candidates
As with clients, candidates are also a crucial part of our business. We treat all candidates equally regardless of race, age, gender and physical ability. We gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements and find them the best opportunities with the best clients. Again, as part of our carefully controlled expansion, our Team Members are incredibly conscientious and will only send the most qualified candidates forward for a position. At every stage, our candidates are continually kept in the loop regardless of outcome.

Our Community
At budge we believe that the success of a company can help the local, regional and international community. For every candidate that is successfully placed through Budge, we donate a percentage of the profits to an International Charity – Practical Action and have helped them with their humanitarian efforts worldwide. We have also been involved in numerous events locally aimed at supporting the labourers who are building Dubai, this includes Helping Hands when we raised over Dhs25,000 by participating in the 2008 Dubai Marathon as well as being involved in a Shoe Box Appeal.

Our Environment
Like our community, our environment is something we are very conscious of. From reducing our carbon footprint we also aim to invest more money and time into supporting the local, regional and international environment.

Here's what some of the team have to say about working with Budge:

"Budge is unlike any other company that I have ever worked for before. Of course there is the pressure of any sales environment but without the bad feeling that you tend to get when there are a group of competitive people working in close proximity.

Everyone without exception is very nice, helpful and supportive and I would not hesitate in calling any of my colleagues genuine friends.

Unlike some of the other successful agencies, consultants are not treated like children, but instead as professionals who know what we are doing and can make sound judgements for our own area of expertise."
Fran Ellis, Senior Consultant - Dubai

"I have worked for Budge for the last 2 and a half years , in this time I have developed my career from a Senior Consultant to a Managing Consultant in a friendly and hardworking office environment. I have enjoyed working along side fantastic colleagues for a company that is caring and secure. At the end of 2008 I went on the end of year trip to New York which was fabulous. The commission structure is generous and I always feel valued for what I contribute.

In the future I plan to work with Budge in other locations to continue my career and to work in other exciting cities as Budge grows."
Caroline Dent, Managing Consultant - Dubai

"Budge not only provides a refreshing service to its Clients, it also provides a refreshing place to work. Often recruitment businesses are all about volume of phone calls and laborious daily progress meetings with Managers. But life at Budge could not be more different. The structure of the business allows for greater consultant autonomy with no constraints; this results in a more productive workforce and happier Clients which is ultimately what we are here for.

The atmosphere and banter across the whole team is second to none; I can honestly say I would happily go for a beer with every one of my colleagues, even the Directors!!!" 
Gareth Preece, Senior Consultant - UK

“After 5 years in the industry I never expected to find a recruitment company with such a professional attitude and a real desire to supply both candidates and clients with a service which is second to none. The teams positive and helpful nature has ensured I have been made to feel a part of the company from day one."
Simon Haworth, Senior Consultant - UK

"Working for Budge for the last 2 years has been a lot of fun and a totally unique form of employment, whereby we are all given a chance to function in the most effective way individually, and encouraged to grow our careers through any platform we deem beneficial. Above all within Budge, the freedom and respect from one colleague or manager to another gives us the chance to flourish with no bounds. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far, which has involved generous commission and incentive structures including a trip to New York where no expenses were spared. The independent and idiosyncratic environment provided by Budge means the future holds massive potential for all of our team." 
Ed Singleton, Senior Consultant - Dubai

"Working at Budge is a refreshing experience; you are given the authority to manage your own desk the way you see fit. It’s like having your own business within a business; your success is governed by what you put in to it. On top of this you have colleagues and managers who are there to support you all the way whilst making it an enjoyable time at work."  Fabian Garcia, Recruitment Consultant - Dubai"
Fabian Garcia, Recruitment Consultant - Dubai

"I’ve been with Budge now for 3 years and can honestly say it’s a pleasure to come to work (and that is a first!!!)

I enjoy the fact that Budge’s work ethic is based on team play and that the rewards for hard work are simply great, both financially and professionally.

Being given autonomy at work has really allowed me to develop some fantastic business opportunities. Because Budge is all about quality service I’ve also been able to build and maintain solid and lasting relationships with both clients and candidates alike. To sum it up, being a part of team budge is ultimately a perk in its self."
Nigel Walker, General Manager - Dubai

"I knew from the minute I walked out of my interview with Budge, that this was a company I would enjoy working for! I was right…2 ½ years later I am still working here and I love being a part of the Budge team!

Budge offers the trust and freedom for me to manage my “desk” with minimal supervision whilst at the same time, providing me with the tools and support I have needed to develop and progress my career. I am proud to say that I work for Budge and that I have had the opportunity to play a part in growing this company and developing their impressive reputation.

They offer an excellent commission scheme, fantastic incentives and benefits and a great working environment. I look forward to many more successful years with Budge!"
Louisa Soer, Senior Consultant - Dubai

"I have been with Budge for two months after having been in recruitment for 6 years.  From day one I have been made to feel like part of the family and it is one of the most affable environments that I have worked in.  After having worked for larger more KPI driven firms it is refreshing to work in an environment which doesn’t focus all its efforts on micro management but allows you the autonomy to build your desk as you see fit."  
Georgina Rayner, Senior Consultant - Dubai

"I have worked at Budge since October 2008, the company have provided excellent training and support from the start and I have felt like one of the team from day one.

Budge is a friendly and professional company that provides a fantastic working environment, the company provides exciting incentives and a superb salary package.

I look forward to progressing my career with Budge and to becoming a top biller within the company."
Cecie Goodwin, Recruitment Consultant - Dubai

“Since joining Budge in June 2007, my career in Recruitment has continued to go from strength to strength, this is due to a number of factors including the demand for Facilities and Property staff in the Gulf Region, but mainly due to the fact that as an employee within Budge you are given the autonomy and freedom to develop your desk and sectors in the way that you feel is the most beneficial to clients, candidates and Budge.

You are actively encouraged and supported every step of the way; the combination of a commitment to providing a professional and high level of service to both our clients and candidates, a generous Commission scheme, quarterly and annual incentives - a 5 day all expenses paid trip to New York in Dec 2008 was fantastic!, along with a relaxed and fun working environment, makes it a pleasure to be part of ‘Team Budge’!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working for Budge so far, and won’t ever look back.”
Joanna Saward – Managing Consultant – Facilities Management & Property, Dubai

"It's an absolute pleasure to work in such a professional environment. Having learned so much in such a short period of time, this has allowed me to develop quickly and a large part of this is to do with the people that I work with. I could not be happier with my current position, and cannot wait to progress as quickly as possible with my career within this organisation."
Adam Robinson, Recruitment Consultant - Dubai